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more specifically SKETCH trades are open.  Why?  Because as much as I like doing freebies, sometimes its nice to get something in return XDDDD.

Here is a quick Q+A for all of you before we start.

Q: wait, art trade... does that mean I have to be similar skill level to you for you to say yes? 

A: No, you do not.  While yes I love super omega awesome, super professional yummy goodness...  >>  I really just want to celebrate having something that resembles internet back with some stress free doodles.  I would be lying if I said I wont feel more tempted to trade with highly skilled artists, but it is not the selling point for this.

Q: so if you aren't basing your decision on skill level what are you basing it on? 

A: Well, as per usual I'm basing it on FUN.  This is a just for fun activity for me which means designs that look the most interesting to draw are the ones I'm going to work on and doodle.  I am MUCH much much more likely to sketch original characters... again that doesn't mean fanart is a no go (especially if its sailor moon, or pokemon) but know I'm more likely to say yes to OCs.  Note:  I will also draw pictures for people you know if you want to donate your part of the trade as a gift... aka you want me to draw your best friend's oc...

Q: Alright, so what can we expect from you in the trade?

A: I'm looking to do doodles and dabbles... it means color isn't likely and if it is it will be particularly sketchy color.  Here are some realistic examples of what to expect. (note that I will not do specific styles... if I'm feeling chibi it'll be chibi, if I'm not it'll not and my chibis are just as much work as my not chibis so haha *shrug* it depends on my mood and what I think suits your request)
Livestream Doodles 6 16 by Centi livestream doodle dump by Centi 
Though if I am feeling really inspired (and love something about your art) something more detailed MIGHT be possible.  I will let you know if I'm interested in more and you can let me know in return.

Q: Then what are you expecting from me?

A: A sketch or doodle with similar effort.  :D  Again I wont request specific styles (chibi or non chibi etc...)  IF (and this is a big if) we arrange to do a more detailed trade... aka color w/ background or color w/o background... multi character etc...  I will expect the same from you.

Q: Time frame:  How soon do you want me to finish?:  I will probably try to get my sketches done the same day I agree to a trade (or within a day or so)  Frankly I'm hoping to get between 3 and five by tomorrow morning since I have the day off but I'm not holding my breath XDDD.  I'm hoping you can finish your half within a week of agreeing.

Q: Will you do character trades?

A: If I like your design style I AM willing to do character design trades, mostly because I think designing new characters is fun and getting other peoples insights into designs is equally fun.  I will make this a separate list for the trades.

Q: Got it, then lastly, how do I make a request?

A: Leave a comment here in the journal.  Please link to references of what you'd like drawn in the trade.  I'm going to ask no more than six characters since I will be looking through everything.  :)  And keep them all in one comment.  If I accept I will put you on my trade list.  please do not request trades in notes I'd like to keep them all in one place.


Trade List

1.  nocturnefox
2.  ScelestaNix
3.  DarkPain-AKH
4.  (gonna just start with 3 for now.... see how far I get today :D )

Character Trade List


References to my OCs
By themselves… and…

With other peoples characters
(if you have any questions I usually list who is mine in the descriptions)… and…

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FMAFreak04 Featured By Owner Apr 19, 2016
Hey there. :)
I wrote you back and I was wondering if you still wanted to do this commission.

Let me know when you can.
Thanks. :)
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sorry for the suuuuuuper late reply!  Centi has no internets right now so, LOL ummm good just not especially active because of it.  Spending more time in the great outdoors though XP

How are you?
SilverSugar Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
I owe you a real present, but happy belated Birthday and holiday nonetheless.

Love ya' Centi~!…
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I can't submit to the group!
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tehwatcher Featured By Owner Dec 20, 2015
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