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March 29, 2013
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Otherworlde App: Elton by Centi Otherworlde App: Elton by Centi
:bulletblack: Basic Information :bulletblack:
Name: Elton Jackson
Age: 177
Height: 6'1
Species: Shade

:bulletblack: Academic Information :bulletblack:
Level: Beginner
Current Classes: SHD102, SHD 103
Passed Classes: N/A
Experience: N/A

:bulletblack: Personal Information :bulletblack:
Likes: Being a creature of the shadows, Elton is fond of the night, especially those of the new moon when he feels most at home in the darkness. Such things leave him at ease and give him courage. Equally so he holds a fondness for those that share the shadows with him, creatures and animals that scurry about beneath the soil, or hidden in coves and caves. He sees these creatures as brethren and holds them in the highest regard, and can often be found sitting amongst them, or feeding them. Perhaps his greatest fondness is for those who can latch onto his sarcastic sense of humor and laugh at his jokes, which are, often, crude, tactless, or simply poorly thought out. The harder you laugh, the more he'll like you, and better still if you can make him laugh with equally distasteful humor.

Dislikes: As one might expect, Elton is as put off by daylight as he is fond of the night. With eyes that are overly sensitive to the obnoxious orb in the sky known as the sun, he avoids it at all costs. Its hot, sticky, bothersome, with very little to be said that could make him think otherwise. If he had his way about it, he'd spend his life like a mole, buried under the ground and away from such a wretched thing. Overly uptight people are second on his list, the sort that look down upon a man like him, think they're better than him. He hates nothing more than being belittled by someone and uses such times as an opportunity to overshadow them. Lastly, would be summer and the longer days it brings. What could possibly be worse than such heated and long days? He spends the season overly exhausted, run down, and in the worst of moods, huddled away in the darkest dampest places he can find with the hopes that it would soon be over.

Fears: If asked, Elton would assure you there is nothing out there that could possibly frighten him. Braver than most, he would face even the most terrifying of situations with a smile on his face, but then, that's only if you ask him. After all only a fool would admit he's afraid of birds, or rather diurnal birds. Because the sound of their songs mean two things, first, sunrise, and second, their songs mark the end of winter. While such a fear is based on his poor reactions to the daytime and sunlight, he is just as bound by less logical fears. Since he was small Elton has housed a fear of loneliness and consequently lands himself far too often in codependent relationships, latching onto friends like a stalker and following them around as though any time to himself might kill him. He manages to hide this fear quite well, by building up large social networks and always finding some place to be, but inevitably when its time to go home its a fear he has to face reluctantly every morning.

Strengths: Elton's strengths vary in many ways, the most obvious revolving around his natural born abilities. He's always had a predisposed ability to sculpt and shape shadows. It really can't do much in application though he has used said skills in the use of basic trickery, as anyone that knows him can recollect his retelling of the time he convinced a room full of people a bat was loose and fluttering about. While the skill holds potential to be much more its little more than a parlor trick as it is now. Quite similarly he has a talent for blending into the darkness, again its an underdeveloped skill as he far from completely vanishes in it nor can he enshroud himself in the shadows around him, but it has served him well in getting around unseen by those that aren't especially looking for him. Flight is simply a given, but even that is haphazard. It allows him to reach heights and see things that might be otherwise missed from a ground view. Strengths in his character might include his confidence and pride. Because of these, he faces each problem with the firm belief that not only can a solution always be found, but that in due time he will find it. If something doesn't go as he plans it, he simply sees it as one more way not to succeed checked off a list of possibilities. In that sense he could arguably be considered optimistic, always seeking a means to accomplish his goals and rise up in the ranks.

Weaknesses: Pride and confidence are always a double edged sword. His excessive confidence borders on cocky and can sometimes come across as a superiority complex. His poor sense of humor comes off as offensive and his tasteless means of presenting it can lead to what he believes to be unprompted skirmishes. Easygoing as he pretends to be, he doesn't take well to such conflict and can lash out without seeking common ground. And, given his confidence it doesn't change the fact that he is far from adept at many things. Flight, for starters, is only a strength in the sense that he has the capability, but the same can not be said for landings. He tends to miscalculate depth and often finds himself facing unpleasant introductions with rubble and dirt, the likes of which were responsible for the injury in his right leg that now has him walking with a quite permanent limp. An obvious weakness is his sensitivity to the light. In mild doses it is not a problem, moonlight, indirect artificial light, each of which aren't too difficult to work around, but a bright midday sun or a direct beam in his eyes are not only painful but near blinding and leave him feeling drained and tired.

Goals: Currently Elton's goals are plain and simple, to excel at his natural talents, to expand and grow to broaden his horizons, to rise up the ranks and overcome his weaknesses, and prove to the world he is a force to be reckoned with. Is he ambitious enough to be a world leader, not likely, but he would like to some day be a household name, known amongst those that dwell in the shadows as something to be revered, or at least the boogeyman in stories children tell at camp around a campfire.

Personality: Some of his personalty has already come to light in above paragraphs and run the risk of being monotonous and mundane, Elton thinks such things are not necessary and refuses to repeat them. Still that doesn't mean there isn't more to be said about him. Though he is proud and runs the risk of being overly social, shows signs of sarcasm and poor humor, he can be surprisingly helpful if the need arises. Mind you it has to be a need not a want, but push comes to shove he'll jump in to aid another. Then again necessity is all a matter of opinion. If Elton runs the risk of spending a night alone and a favor can mean the difference between a night spent in someone's company, or alone, he'll do it. For this reason some might even peg him as generous and eager to assist. In truth this simply means he is selfish and self serving. He is often seen with a smile on his face but can shift moods without notice. While these changes are not frequent, they are quite obvious and explosive when they happen and leave people off guard and unsure how to handle him. Most that only see him in sparse instances would describe him as easygoing and perhaps rude, but are much less likely see the less frequent angered or depressed sides His close friends might describe him as... frustrating, impossible, difficult, and... loyal.

History: Born in the shadows, Elton and his kind draw their power from the darkness much like flowers draw theirs from the sun. Most of them remain in caves and only leave when hunting and travel in colonies amidst the darkness. They do this so well that most of their existence is speculation and rumor, however Elton was not suited to such a lifestyle. He didn't wish to be an unseen shadow, a whisper in the darkness, he had aspirations to be something more, a creature others could revere and respect, doing so wasn't near so possible when hiding amongst the darkness and remaining unknown.

Despite the code of his tribe, he left when he was still young, and the moment he was first seen and his existence made known he was cast out, his people moving on away from the traitor that had exposed them. This was where his fear of loneliness and abandonment is rooted. Losing his family and everyone he knew in one single act of childish foolishness, he chose to carry on, seeking out any means to grow and expand his abilities, to rise up and prove himself something more. He'd long since accepted that the life he'd known was long gone, and now a new life waited for him on the horizon. And he faced it with his head held high, weaving his way through social circles and seeking out any way to find anything else out there he could call family, anything that might dwell and draw powers from the darkness, his brethren. Until he found Otherworlde, and for the first time he was sure he'd found something he'd lost long ago... a place he could call home.

Misc. Information: Elton's cane was custom built for him, and the light can flicker on and off in accordance with his needs. Often times it can prove handy in the case of shadow manipulation, dim enough that it doesn't cause inconvenience to his vision, but bright enough to enhance shadows in his favor. He can't easily walk without it and takes it everywhere he goes.

:bulletblack: Roleplay Information :bulletblack:
Chatroom Availability: At least once a week unless things get crazy with life
IM Availability: Just about any time I'm online which is most days at least for an hour.
How did you find #OtherWorlde?: Noticed it on someone's page when visiting new watchers, piqued my interest.

Script Sample: Elton: *many thoughts are on his mind, but none so much as his awareness of the crisp and brisk air. It is the first of many signs of the eminent and oncoming autumn, a season most welcome for its longer nights and shorter days. Stepping one foot after another down the shadowy path, golden eyes turn up to catch a momentary glimpse of the crescent moon now so dimly lighting the way to the unfamiliar distance.* Whelp, its just you and me legs, lets see where you take me. *clanking his cane down on the ground, its clear the travel is taking a great deal of effort, breathing difficult as the distance coming and going only to be replaced with something new in the far off unknown. Without a goal in sight one can only move onward, to the distance, to the future, seeking out a place only heard of in passing.* Otherworlde... *thoughts travel, no longer on autumn or the night, they move on to the school that has only recently come to his attention.* I will find you, and when I do I'll not only make a place for myself there, I'll prove myself and climb the ranks. I don't plan on disappearing when I die, this man is going down in history... ah... but damn if I really should stop talking to myself. *with those words fresh on his lips he continues on far into the night, and will not stop until he reaches his destination.*

Paragraph Sample: “This is it... home sweet home, and its not too shabby if I should say so myself.” Gold orbs dart about what could be, no... WILL be his new home. When he sets his mind to it, nothing will stop him from getting what he's set his eyes on, and currently those eyes are set on Otherworlde. Sans the loss of his family and banishment form his tribe he's thought of nothing more than finding a place to belong, and the shadowy academy is just that. “Now, to go about convincing them they can't live without me.” Which in his mind isn't too difficult considering his plethora of skills and abilities that when closely examined results in nothing more than overly hyped hocus pocus. Still, he has passion and such a trait is rarely the sort that should go underestimated. With all the confidence in the world he walks into the office with enrollment papers and pride that could put a first time father's to shame. Home, this is home and he's not going to lose it. “Good evening, my name is Elton Jackson, and believe me when I say, I am an asset to you, and should you allow me entry into this academy I will prove that I am not only worthwhile, but essential to your high and ever growing standards. Trust me, I'm not the sort of guy that would tell a lie like that.”
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